Financial institutions make considerable efforts to maintain accurate customer data but lose contact for a number of reasons, most through no fault of their own such as:

  • Not being notified of address changes
  • Companies may change names, relocate, or contact details may be lost when individuals pass away leaving incomplete records of their investments.

Green & Parish will identify your unclaimed asset and trace you using a variety of means including public records, historical company information – utilising expert knowledge and specific understanding of this most complex of industries.

If you have received a letter from Green & Parish, this will be part of a unique enquiry and will not be part of some type of marketing campaign. Please take the time to read the letter as it will be very specific to you. You may wish to talk to one of the team who will answer any questions you may have – 020 8560 9199.

Additionally, our prospective Clients can receive extra reassurance by contacting Mr Robert Morton, a Senior Partner at Messrs Calvert Smith & Sutcliffe Solicitors – tel 020 8940 0017. This eminent, Richmond Law firm has represented Green & Parish for more than twenty years.

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